Monday, November 21, 2016

Mindfully Primal - A Little on MBF Philosophy

A couple of the many topics that I want to spend some time discussing are training and nutrition. I know, I know, that seems to obviously go along with the territory, but i want to discuss them in simple terms and in ways that may be a little more user friendly. Naturally, with a studio name like Mindful Body Fitness, we spend quite a bit of time training to become more mobile, stable and to get stronger overall. This is what happens at MBF, but it is how we go about it that is a little ( or a lot ) different than how most of the fitness and training industry operates today.

I have spent the last 25 plus years in and around the wild world of fitness watching as fads, gimmicks, diets, equipment and training gear came and went. Buns of Steel instructional VHS tapes, the colorful & tight Hot Skins Clothing line and the low fat diet craze ( Snackwells Cookies anyone ? ), we endured them all as they had their moment basking in the sun of popularity and SOMEHOW, each of them were actually influential in how we approach all things fitness related in 2016.

Having participated in each and everyone of the above ( yes, i admit to wearing hotskins & eating snackwells - not at the same time --- well, maybe?? ), it is the approach to training and nutrition that I currently adhere to and teach these days that I feel has the ability to walk us slowly toward a more sustainable and vital lifestyle. What is that approach? Here are a few Mindful Body takes exploring the MBF Philosophy that are worthy of their own space in the future...

1...the MovNat System is fantastic
2...more practical movement - fewer bicep curls ( crawls & getups anyone? )
3...more general skill practice - less specificity ( elite athletics could be an exception - they are elite for a reason ) more healthy fats - it's ok, really!!
4...go barefoot more often - i can't wait to dive into this one ( check out Katy Bowman's book Whole Body Barefoot )
5...all the Primal Blueprint Laws ( thanks Mark Sisson at )
6...getting down to the floor & back up can be a sole training goal and should be for quality of life
7...train / practice to elicit change incrementally, laying a foundation, from which to build upon, patiently day in and day out over the course of weeks, months and even years. Look for the key words in the previous sentence...incrementally & patience - they are very important.
8...venture off of flat and stable terrain once in awhile for dramatic effects throughout your body ( see # 4 )
9...stretch your calves, drop your ribs, crawl, carry, pull & push, hang, play around on the mindful, patient and balanced...look for the goodness in things and remember to play.
10...know your boundaries and do not train to much...remember, if your brain and your body are not on the same page it can be a problem...understanding when to rest instead of train is a skill that takes time to get a handle on.

Ok, so there are 10 concepts that can be found in conversation each and every day at MBF. Give each of them a little thought and see how they might or might not elicit a spark of interest or curiosity. Of course, there are many, many more, but this is the group that immediately came to mind. I'll reserve the right to amend the list as time goes by. Cool?...Excellent.

Coming up after Thanksgiving, I promise to discuss my experience with my initial attempt of 21 Day Primal Transformation, as I delve deeper into my studies in the Primal Health Coaching Program created by Mark Sisson, author of The Primal Blueprint.

Invest in Yourself. Learn to Move Again. Train for Life.


  1. Nice blog entry. Keep them coming.

  2. Nice blog entry. Keep them coming.

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